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Transitioning to the future (without going broke)


Video surveillance cameras have been around for a very long time. Remember VCR’s and tapes? Most of the analog camera systems installed in the last 20 years are still operating.

If we go into a job where we’re starting from scratch, everything is going to be IP. That’s a given. If we go in to replace an older system it’s not so simple. Some of the analog cameras may be covering small areas where the level of detail they provide is adequate. Some of them may be covering larger areas where increased detail is not considered very important.

We have the option of using inexpensive video encoders to seamlessly integrate existing cameras into a state of the art IP based camera system. This approach saves money without significantly compromising image quality. We go to server based data storage and we place new mega pixel IP cameras in areas where greater detail is required. You put your money where it makes the most difference.

 Megapixel cameras are most effective in big areas like gymnasiums, cafeterias, warehouses and plant floors. Outdoors they are the most cost effective way to cover parking lots. A single megapixel camera can achieve the same detail as a handful of analog cameras with a lot less installation cost.

The most important point is, that in this process, you’re keeping up with technology. You’re doing it in an orderly way that maximizes the utility of your investments while it minimizes and stretches your costs. It’s an ongoing process that never leads to dead ends.

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