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Three Way has installed video surveillance systems throughout Hartford County and the surrounding areas to improve the security and management functions of school systems, industrial and manufacturing facilities, food processors, entertainment venues, parking lots, office buildings, distribution centers and office buildings. Most of us are Connecticut licensed electricians and several of us have very high level IT skills for a seamless and effective interface with customer IT departments.

​The systems we install are at the absolute cutting edge of a rapidly advancing technology. We are dedicated to securing the best possible images, storing them with the most advanced compression and managing and accessing them with the most powerful and user friendly software available.

A lot of our work these days involves upgrading existing analog camera systems to IP standards. We preserve a lot of existing analog cameras in situations where they remain effective and combine them with IP mega pixel cameras to improve total system performance. Ongoing transitions often make better sense than outright replacements.


We are staffed and equipped to service everything we install and everyone here takes pride in the level of service we provide. We also consider the training we provide as part of every job, to be the foundation and cornerstone of a successful, long term relationship.

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