About a decade ago the video surveillance community had to begin facing up to the inevitable transition from an analog to a digital structure. From the very beginning it was clear that IP based products were the future. Early IP products were expensive and they performed very poorly in low light conditions so the transition was slowed as manufacturers struggled to improve their products and make them price competitive.

​Integrators struggled to improve their computer skills. In an IP world your point of contact shifted from security and facilities personnel to your customer’s IT department. That’s a huge adjustment and many of our competitors were left behind. We experimented with every new product that hit the market. We were looking for the very best cameras and software.

We ended up with Avigilon and we are now able to use their products for almost every application we encounter. Extremely detailed images in a very wide range of lighting conditions, very efficient data storage and search functions that make our training sessions a breeze. Avigilon was everything we were looking for. With clarity to 29 mega pixels we have an alternative to PTZ's in some applications. Instead of programming a tour we record the entire scene and rely on digital zoom for detail in small areas. The reliability is way up and the cost is way down.

License plates used to be a challenge. Facial recognition will always be a challenge but, it’s gotten to be much more reliable with Avigilon. Production is 100% North American, pricing is very competitive and product support has been outstanding. If you call us for a demo, you’re going to see Avigilon cameras and software. And you will be impressed.



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